Tips to Social Media Optimisation

Making the best of Social Media Optimisation

  • Engage your followers and fans actively.

This can only be done by ensuring that interesting posts, discussions and questions are brought up. In doing this, you are doing yourself good by ensuring that your fans always see reasons to come back and new fans find reasons to follow your page.

  • Make your contribution viral by creating only great content and using multiple Social Media (SM) platforms to publicise your ideas.

It is good to know that many of your SM accounts can be updated by just a click when you link the accounts together. For example, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo can all be updated within Facebook. All you have to do is link them up!

  • Reward your followers and fans by re-tweeting, re-posting and writing comments on their status, messages and posts.

By doing this, you will get attention from your followers and may even start some friendships. Reciprocity is a strong impulse. Thus, your followers will be willing to share your posts too.

  • Make re-posting and linking easy.

Once you have made your posts available on most SM platforms, include links to the different accounts on your page. Simply put: if you want your fans to share your content with their friends, make it easier for them than copying and pasting a URL.

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is one of the most effective marketing blessings that happened to business. Call 01753 878 435 or email us to discuss how we can help you achieve that highly desired competitive advantage using social media optimisation!

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