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TotallyVenue is a start up that aims to bring together rentable venues and possible clients countrywide. The site targets smaller, local venues such as church and village halls and links them with demand. Children’s parties, yoga classes, weddings and farmer and craft markets are just a few of the examples of the types of clients TotallyVenue aims to serve.

After extremely negative experiences with a previous company outsourcing the project, such as coding issues, lack of required functionality and poor design, the client was left dissatisfied. They came to us because we are a local company with great testimonials and can provide a ‘one-stop’ service of design, bespoke development and SEO consultancy. All with a proven track record of results.

Bespoke Web Design

The service the client wanted to provide meant they needed a platform that would serve both the needs of the venues (an easy to use and informative listing platform) and their clients (a thorough and intuitive search system and quick and simple booking procedure). This is where we stepped in with a custom build website.

Taking the creative lead, Binamic suggested and created a new look for the website, based on an already successful format. Having discussed various options with the client, we suggested utilising elements of the Airbnb website, a platform which connects owners of spare rooms and flats with holidaymakers, as positive inspiration. Thus,  we created a similar ‘bridging’ platform for the client.

Through meetings with the client, and constant communication, we created a site that not only fulfils the clients’ managerial needs, but also caters to the needs of the site’s users.  Key functionality requirements included the ability to register and manage venues and to receive and manage bookings. However, we were also aware of the client’s need to turn the website into a profitable business. With all of these aspects in mind we analysed the model and added some particular elements to capitalise on the format’s marketing potential. A good example here is allowing bookers to promote their planned event on both the venue page and a dedicated ‘Local Scene’ section.

Bespoke CMS Development

We provided a fully bespoke CMS (Content Management System) with two separate, but interconnected admin sections. One for use by the site owner and another for the venue managers – both secure and password protected.

Back-end functionality includes:

  • integration with existing Google calendars
  • spreadsheet based uploads for easy, batch onboarding of both venues and already existing bookings
  • we also incorporated the functionality to pend, approve and decline bookings (manageable by either our client or the venue managers)
  • in addition we implemented a fully automated email communication system for all parties involved in client/venue registration and bookings; this also covered venue reviews by booking clients and subscription renewals for venue managers.

On the front-end we designed a thorough search facility, which allowed prospective booking clients to search by:

  • town
  • postcode
  • address
  • venue name
  • available booking times
  • and venue facilities.

We also created a display functionality for the most popular venues on the homepage. In addition to this, we created an admin-managed ‘features’ section which can be used for advertising and affiliate marketing.

Last but not least, we included a ‘booking engine’ with venue-owner friendly features. Examples include:

  • ability to set ‘unbookable’ periods allowing for venue turnaround
  • booking approval by venue owners that must be received before the client receives a confirmation
  • and many more.

Further to this, we implemented a secure, intuitive, calendar-based booking process that uses PayPal. The next step is continued work with the client on the sites SEO to increase exposure, click through rates and dwell time.


The client is extremely happy with the work so far and is keen to promote it, hence our continued SEO work. The client will now work to get the venue owners to claim their venues, which have already been uploaded for ease of use. Hopefully this will result in the client starting to take bookings soon!

If you require a bespoke, fully custom website give us a bell on 01753 878435 or drop us an email  and we will be happy to help…

Written by Ryan Hill

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