Twitter Tweet This Button

Twitter’s “Tweet This” button is a small application (widget) that allows visitors to easily share your website and its content through their Twitter accounts.

The best part? You don’t have to do anything other than add the Twitter button to your website. It is the users that do all the work and promote your business – you just need to give them the option to do it!

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Advantages of Twitter Button

Adding Tweet This button to your pages lets your website’s visitors easily share it and its content on Twitter without having to leave the page! Add the button to your website to:

How do Twitter Buttons work?

Interaction with a Tweet This button is very straightforward:

  • Twitter Tweet This button is added to a website’s pages
  • Website visitors click on Tweet Button on a particular web page
  • If they are not logged into Twitter, they are prompted to (or to create an account if they are not already users)
  • A Share Box appears, pre-filled with info provided in the properties of the Tweet Button, but users can change that content (the Tweet) if they wish
  • Posting of the Tweet is confirmed. Depending on Tweet Button set up the users can be suggested up to two Twitter accounts (users) they may wish to follow
  • Share Box remains open until users close it.

See below screenshots of the steps in Twitter Tweet This Button interaction – Code, Click, Tweet and Follow:

Tweet This (Twitter This Button) - how Twitter button works

Add Twitter to Button to Your Website

There are three different structures your web developer can add the Twitter button to your web pages:

  • By using JavaScript
  • With an iFrame (Inline Frame)
  • By building a bespoke Twitter button for you.

Twitter buttons have been designed with simplicity in mind, and are readily available for anyone to use for free. You can try to add the button to your website’s pages yourself – get the necessary code here.

If you need help – contact us via email or call 01753 878 435 today.

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