UK Auction List – SEO Case Study

Binamic has again proven to be up to the task with another successfully concluded structural SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of the homepage of UK Auction List website, which is a Drupal driven site.

What was unusual and challenging about this SEO development is that we were asked to optimise the most important page of a website – the homepage – without altering its overall web design. Did we manage?

Recommended Web SEO Experts

“Binamic are fantastic website builders. They approached us initially regarding our newly launched website’s SEO and stood out from the start by recommending solutions rather than a simple cold sell (of which we receive dozens on a daily basis).

Their attention to detail, explanations, rationale and ways of working are outstanding, and the team’s down to earth, approachable manner makes website build thoroughly enjoyable. We have already benefitted hugely from their recommendations and input and they will definitely be retained as our incumbent agency, moving forward.”

Vicki Martinek,

Google SEO Consultancy

How did we do it? Before SEO optimization, the website was hard to find in most search engine results, even with the ‘auction list’ keyword. Our highly recommended SEO experts* started with an initial SEO appraisal – an in-depth analysis of three elements:

  • Web design (not just the “look”!) of the homepage
  • The client’s competitors’ websites
  • Keyword structures, together with relating traffic numbers and trends, to unearth untapped opportunities.

This preparation allowed creation of fully optimised (and relevant to the client’s business) taxonomy as a basis for the new, SEO-maximised page structure.

SEO Techniques – Search Engine Optimised Taxonomy

Next, our recommended SEO experts worked on the correlations between page structure and visual representation of the homepage’s different blocks. This lead to an SEO optimisation with a huge impact in terms of search engine perception of the site.

They say an image is worth a thousand words – so please compare snapshots below showing an overview of our improvement work to the page’s core “message” (click on images to enlarge them):

Homepage SEO optimisation - in progress

SEO optimisation – taxonomy in progress

Optimised Taxonomy - SEO Case Study

Optimised Taxonomy – SEO Case Study

On Page SEO & Optimisation Results

As you can see our professional SEO consultants started with the discovery of top-rated keywords and then created a relevant taxonomy for the page. They focussed on the use of carefully selected keywords relating to the sector (Property Auction, Property Auction Search, Property Auction List, House Auction, Online Property Auction, Property Auctioneers etc.). This brought a dramatic improvement in organic search volumes to the site through relevant keywords. The success and immediate results have been amazing!

Within a month of putting the SEO optimised homepage live the website has enjoyed a 37% increase in organic traffic! Thus, we are proud to say that, although the results are still building up, already on 30 May 2011 the client’s website has experienced the largest number of visitors EVER.

We are happy to share the details of this successful on-page (structural) optimisation case study – contact us for more information.

Website Design SEO Development – Respecting Client Requirements

This web SEO transformation was done while leaving the homepage looking almost the same as before to the human eye (of an average site user). Only small design changes have been introduced. But now the site is well laid-out with every piece optimised for Google and other search engines, whilst making it appealing and easy to use for visitors.

The next step is to create many useful landing pages, with meaningful contents, in order to draw more traffic and importance to the site. We believe the sky is only the beginning and both the client and us have been enjoying the experience of this SEO case study so far!

SEO UK – SEO London

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