Video in Social Media Marketing

It does not matter if you believe in Social Media (SM) marketing or not – your potential clients already do! Whether you like it or not the current and next generation of customers are choosing to learn about new products and services, as well as to stay current on brands they are loyal to, via Facebook, Twitter, etc. That should be more than enough to get you on board and planning your social strategy TODAY.

Your industry or niche doesn’t matter either – no one is “immune”. Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is part of an exponentially growing marketing approach in which popular sharing platforms are used for business benefit. Put simply: played right, SM can provide the kind of amazing, democratic opportunities no other type of advertising offers (at least not without considerable budgets).

Thus, we want to share our top two, “anyone-can-do-it” tools for short video creation. Why videos? Because they are a low effort but high impact medium that can be easily shared with communities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. But first..

Tried To Create Video Before?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a whole heap of beautiful snaps (merged together to form a compelling narrative and boosted further by a convincing audio) can do to an unsuspecting potential client! Speaking of budgets though, have you ever looked into film/video advertising? If you have, chances are you went down one of these routes:

  • Contact the professionals => get hefty quotes => nip the idea in the bud
  • Decide on a DYI approach => get stuck into complex technological difficulties, spend a ridiculous amount of time on editing, fail miserably on the voice over (VO) => curse yourself for ever considering video, drop the project and never speak of it again
  • Thinking to yourself: “Video? Are you crazy??”

Do not worry, we understand and have been there ourselves. But consider this: unbelievable technology leaps allow for amazing things nowadays.

There are quite a few websites and APPs out there allowing everyone and anyone to become proficient video creators. However we bet that, as a busy company owner or marketer, you will need a fast, reliable and “no-experience needed” means of creating reasonably polished video content to consider this marketing route? Fear not, Binamic is here to help.

Video Production Tools

Without further ado, let’s get going with a quick highlight of two tools that we believe to be both very useful and easy to use. Meet your new, low-effort, fantastic marketing weapons..


Don’t have time to write posts or otherwise communicate why your offering is unique? How about a 6 second, indefinitely looped, dead-simple-to-make film to present it instead? If we also mentioned that you do not have to laboriously edit or post it on your website, but use your Facebook or Twitter accounts to share it with an open audience – all in less than a minute (!) – would you be interested? Oh, and it is FREE.

Enter Vine, the wildfire-like-spreading APP* from a small start-up bought by Twitter before it even had the chance to finish and launch the product (!). We tried it and can attest to it’s equally impressive simplicity and creative potential. We think the fact that it has just reached number one status as the most popular APP, only six months after being acquired, speaks for itself.

Rus Yusupov's tweet about Vine reaching no 1 on APP store

*The downside – so far it is only available on iOS, i.e. you can only download and use the app on an Apple device. But an Android version is sure to follow soon, so watch this space!

We tested it and it literally takes 3 min max to set the super-easy and fast video capturing application, so we will not bore you with it here. We will share a USEFUL TIP though: to set up your logo as the “photo” representing your account, simply email your logo (in .jpg format) to an account you can access from your iPhone/iPad). Once received, click on the image to save it; now you can add it through the app’s account creation or settings screens.

Once your account is up and running, the video making process involves creativity and.. touching the screen of your device (!). Yes, it’s that simple. By touching (record) and releasing (pause) the screen you effectively create a sequence of “video frames” to a total, set length of 6 seconds.

Sounds dull and uninspiring? Many brands already use Vine to efficiently spread their branded messages around the Twitterscape – see a few examples below for inspiration.

(Tip: hover over the vine video to see the brand.)

Convinced already? :)


If creativity is not your forte, you don’t want to be limited to the rigid 6 second time frame or would rather work with sound and/or voice-over to convey your message, you may want to try Go!Animate. Already boasting a considerable community of users (note: this is also a potential new audience for your products or services!), this website offers video creation based on existing “characters” and “stages”. Please note though that this is a much more “commercially savvy” offering, which misses no opportunities to convince you to sign up to one of the three available payment plans. It does offer some amazing functionality though, so do try it out.

Generally there are two modes to pick from:

  • simple Quick Video Maker
  • Full Video Maker – similar in look and feel to the simple version above, but it gives you control over characters, backgrounds, props, voices, sounds, etc. for a bespoke output (note: it does take time to master the plethora of options and do the editing itself).

See the short video below for an idea of how the tool’s simpler version works.

Video SEO

Aside from marketing advantages, there is a whole branch of video SEO that can generate additional traffic to your website. Optimising videos to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs) for particular keywords requires much less effort than for webpage’s. But even without ANY expert knowledge, a unique, funny, informative or simply useful video will surely bring you exposure when shared.

Thus, once you have created your content, remember to make it as visible as possible, on as many distribution channels as you can think of. Consider for example sharing it via Social Media, embedding it in your website, using it in presentations or sending a link to it in email communication with clients or stakeholders for example. It would be best if you do all of these and more! Due to its directness, just one video can be “recycled” and used multiple times to reach a very wide variety of audiences.

USEFUL TIP: consider transcribing your finished video, as it is an easy way to create unique, helpful content for your website, promotional material, e-newsletters, etc.


We highly recommend having a snoop around the Internet to find a video tool that will suit your needs and technical ability. Whatever you choose though, remember this: not being a part of the power shift brought about by Social Media is tantamount to wanting to fail – whether today or in the long run.

We hope that you have found this post useful – if so, let us know on Facebook or Twitter or share it using the buttons at the top of this page, thanks!

By Karolina Kotwica

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