Vodafone – Microsite & Viral Campaign

We worked with The Hub and JWT on this one. JWT came up with the concept on ‘The Joy of Text’ to promote a Vodafone deal specifically for students.

We were tasked with producing a microsite and viral concept for the campaign. Our solution was a hand drawn website to complement the style of the 70s sex manual and a ‘Textual Partners’ competition for the viral marketing.

Each element of the site was literally hand drawn with a 2b pencil then scanned and animated in Flash. The viral aspect invited students to build a network of people they ‘had text with’ and try to build up the biggest network of connections they could.

We built a Flash front end to graphically show how their network connected, bolted on to a clever database-driven back end which linked up all the students and worked out the scores.

The result was a very successful and critically acclaimed campaign, and it was loads of fun to do too, being the mix of super creativity and technical mastery we love.

The campaign is over now, so the site is unfortunately no longer live, but please contact us if you would like a demo or to discuss your project requirements.


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