Why Social Media is Essential for Small Businesses

Within the last few years more and more businesses have adopted a social media strategy. You will now rarely find a large corporation without a Twitter or Facebook account that hasn’t had hundreds of thousands of pounds pumped into it. This is because it can be a grand resource for things like brand awareness, business growth and customer retention when done correctly.

Small businesses should be concentrating on using social media for several different purposes, albeit with a significantly smaller budget than a corporate organization. It is still perhaps useful to hire a social media executive or a consultancy in order to keep up with competitors. If your budget is even smaller than that then there are plenty of different resources out there in order to help you run your own social media campaign.

So what can you do with your accounts in order to get you and your business noticed? Well you can start with attracting “likes” and “followers” by adding links to your accounts on your own website for users to click on. Moreover, include your social media accounts to any email correspondence to suppliers and customers. Having a link to your Twitter account is also useful whenever you write a guest post on a reputable blog when link building.

Once links to your social media accounts are out there, you’re going to want to fill those accounts with useful, engaging and advantageous content. Competitions, useful news, insider info and humorous content can attract attention and enable you to grow your exposure on social media. As a bonus, you should also generate more traffic to your website.

Social media should also be at the forefront of your customer services arrangements. If anyone is dissatisfied with your service a lot of the time Twitter or Facebook is the first to know! Keep an eye out for your brand name popping up on social websites and respond accordingly in order to limit any negativity and create a buzz around positive comments. You should also encourage feedback on your Facebook and Twitter pages for any improvements that could be implemented on your website or business setup.

These are just a few ways social media can be integrated into your business and marketing plan without a huge budget. It will also help you keep up with larger competitors until you are in a position to employ a media agency or social media expert to do the work for you.

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