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We've built a number of account manager tools for our clients to integrate with our systems, which are designed around giving their account managers instant access to key vehicle information. Some examples of these tools include:

OTR Calculator

The OTR Calculator keeps customers live by allowing account managers to run quotes quickly and effectively whilst on a call, allowing them to close more often. The OTR Calculator automatically applies uploaded dealer and manufacturer discounts and pulls the best rates from RMP to generate the best OTR supply quote for a given vehicle.

Whole Life Costs Tool

The Whole Life Costs Tool allows account managers to compare costs and simplify electric car charges for their customers. They can utilise Cap HPI lookup to find out a customer's current vehicle info using just their registration number; and then compare important factors like insurance group, fuel cost, MPG & emissions group to help them understand how a prospective new vehicle could save them money. They can also instantly compare company car tax across tax brackets for business customers and quantify the savings which they can make on an electric vehicle compared to an ICE vehicle.

Ringfenced Vehicles

Ringfenced Vehicles is our self-serve live stocklist that allows account managers to quote on and reserve vehicles with confidence. On the opposite end, it allows procurement staff to mark vehicles as reserved, and tag them to specific dealers or funders. They can also hide certain vehicles so that they are only visible to certain teams or staff members to reserve. To speed up sales staff quoting, procurement can input all of the relevant data for a given vehicle into Ringfenced Vehicles, such as OTR, build schedule or any agreed deal terms.

CAP Viewer

CAP Viewer instantly give account managers access to the most important information about a vehicle. By simplifying the raw data that is available on the CAP HPI database, CAP Viewer gives sales staff a reference point to compare vehicles and find customers their perfect fit.

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