RMP Automotive

RMP Automotive allows users to format and aggregate funder ratebooks automatically to save time and ensure your rates are competitive. Here are some of the platform's key features that allow it to do so:


The RMP displays all important information on the dashboard, allowing users to prioritise work towards those areas that require the most urgent attention, by notifying you of upcoming expiry dates for rate sheets and discounts, as well as those still awaiting sign-off.

Rate Aggregation

Upload formatted ratebooks onto RMP Automotive to automatically aggregate your rates and discounts ready for upload to external sites, whether your own or an external comparison site.

Rates & Discounts

RMP Automotive will notify you of rate outliers and overly generous discounts to cover you in the case of any inaccurate rates and so that you can capitalise on these margins where they have been uploaded correctly.


The sign-off process which has been built into RMP Automotive ensures that all rates are compliant with the FCA promotions register, with all sign-offs auditable by user and time.

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