RMP Testimonials

Some of our current RMP Automotive clients have been kind enough to offer us a testimonial to describe what the platform does for them and how important it is to their organisation.

Here's what they have to say:

Wessex Fleet

Client since 2022

"RMP Automotive enables us to offer a competitive lease rental to our customers on every make and model of vehicle. It quickly compares each of the funding systems we are able to access and displays the best price to the customer via our website. The key to RMP is its ability to allow us to not only compare standard rate books but also manipulate those rate books to reflect the discounts we are able to negotiate. RMP has saved us considerable time and money."

Spencer Blake, Director

AFL (Fleet Management) Ltd

Client since 2012

"RMP Automotive supports our business across departments and throughout the sales and delivery processes, by making everyone's life easier. By automating numerous tasks for us, RMP also saves the company valuable time and money and allows our staff to focus more on growing the business rather than maintaining the status quo."

Patrick Fagan, Director

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